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    NECO Timetable 2020/2021

    NECO Timetable 2020/2021

    As well as the administrative charges.  NECO has its timetable released for it’s a exams every year. The exams which usually come up  in the second quarter of every year that is June/July and its GCE by December/January.

    Click here to Download NECO Time table Online

    The study of the timetable reveals when to have exams and when not to. This will tell the candidates how to make his/her personal timetable.  To prepare effectively for the exams, candidates are advised to make good of the timetable

    NECO Success Guide

    This will be a step by step guide on how to pass waec examinations waec examination is considered as one of those though examinations and for a student to excel, such needs to know and apply its simple guide to success.

    1. Develop a positive mindset

    When you are approaching waec, there is nothing to fear or worry about, as the exams is only set based on what you have be taught in your various schools.

    NECO is not what many people think it is. Many people think it is one exams that delights in thwarting the efforts of students by dashing them failures. Others think over questions such as: will I ever pass the exams? This exams is like a simple computer that whatever you garbage in you will garbage out.  Whatever effort you apply when studying for the exams will be shown in the result.

    If you wish to excel in the exams, you ought to erase every negative thoughts that comes your way.

    2. Plan your time

    It is often said that proper preparation prevents poor performance. The way you plan your time  will show how effective you are in the exams. One easy wsay of planning your time is having a personal Timetable (PTT) your personal time table should show the time, and duration of your studies as well as when to break or do some other things. In your PPT, concentrate most of your time in  your studies and make sure you keep to it.

    3. Solve the unsolved problem

    In NECO exams, every problem counts and chances are that you will see that unsolved problem appear as one of the questions. In order not to be disorganized and confused, you should endeavor to solve those problems you left unsolved. There are many topics which you ignored probably because it might look unimportant or tough. It is advisable to go over those topics and study them effectively. As you are preparing for NECO exams, don’t leave any stone unturned.

    4. Study effectively

    The word student comes from the word studies. If you are a student, your duty, roles and  responsibility is to study especially while preparing for an exams. Don’t let anything hinder you from your studies. Before studying, make sure that you have all the materials needed for studies. Read extensively with your textbooks, don’t just depend on your teachers notes, go for other materials and study widely.

    How do you study? You study by following the:

    The syllables

    NECO Syllables 2020

    The syllables has been a great tool in the hands of those preparing for NECO exams. The NECO syllables include all the topics a student should expect in the exams. According to research, more than 90%  of those who excel in the exams are those who study with the aid of the syllables.

    Good News!

    The Latest 2016-2020 NECO syllables is out. Our sllables is updated for every student who wishes to succeed in the exams. Get it and study effectively with it.

    We have made available cutting-edge syllables for you which covers all the subjects administered by NECO.

    Click here to download file.

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