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  • Code of Conduct

    Strengthening Discipline

    Code of Conduct

    It is important that all pupils and staff of the school act and conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Some of the expectations from both staff and pupils include:

    • Pupils and staff shall walk in a single file in corridors and on paths.
    • Pupils and staff shall keep to the right when walking in corridors and on paths.
    • Pupils shall not shuffle when walking.
    • Pupils shall keep the school premises clean at all times by:

    (a) Not dropping litter anywhere except litter bins;
    (b) Ordering junior pupils to pick up litter; and/or
    (c) Not walking pass litter without picking it and putting it in a litter bin.

    • Pupils shall greet members of staff when they meet in or outside the school.
    • Pupils may greet members of staff either by saying “As‐salaam alaykum” or “Good morning/afternoon/evening”.
    • At all times, the language of pupils with members of staff must be formal.
    • It is not allowed for pupils to speak to members of staff with slang.
    • Pupils shall not use rude, abusive, profane, suggestive, or aggressive language with members of staff.
    • Pupils shall not gesture in any rude, abusive, profane, suggestive, or aggressive manner to members of staff.
    • Where a member of staff advises a pupil that the language or gesture of the pupil is rude, abusive, profane, suggestive, or aggressive, the pupil shall desist forthwith and apologise.
    • Pupils shall not shout at members of staff.
    • Pupils shall obey all teachers except where such obedience is in matters forbidden in the School Rules and Regulations.
    • Pupils shall obey all Prefects except where such obedience is in matters forbidden in the School Rules and Regulations or the order of a higher authority.
    • In the absence of a teacher in the class, the Class Captain must be obeyed by the pupils in the class.
    • Pupils must not make noises in class, at school assemblies, at school functions, in the Houses, in any teaching session, or anywhere else where the noises constitute a nuisance to others..
    • No pupil may receive visitors in the school at any time.

    Teachers are also expected to

    • Respect the pupils’ feelings as respect is reciprocal.
    • Maintain good and cordial relationship with all pupils and parents
    • Refrain from using profane languages on the pupils
    • Take charge of their classrooms and ensure their cleanliness and orderliness all the time.
    • Arrange, beautify and prepare their classes for open-day.
    • Collect pupils’ books from subject teachers and arrange them for open-day and also return in good order to subject teachers after open-day.
    • Attend to parents on open day.
    • Keep pupils’ unused stationery under good condition.
    • Beautify their classes at the beginning of every term.
    • Keep a good watch over individual-pupil’s behaviour and advise them on all aspects of their school life and refer any difficult problems to the HOD or DOS or Guidance Counsellor.

    The details of conduct expected from all stakeholders can be found in our handbook.