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    2023 Haflah and end-of-session ceremony

    2023 Haflah and end-of-session ceremony held at At-Tanzeel schools on Saturday, 29th July, 2023, was a remarkable event filled with special Quranic recitations, appreciations, and recognition. Here’s a summary of the key points:

    Quranic Recitations: During the event, 42 learners showcased their dedication and accomplishments by reciting portions of the Quran they had memorized, ranging from the 5th to the 20th Juz’. This demonstrates the school’s emphasis on religious education and the students’ achievements in this area.
    Parent and Well-Wisher Appreciation: The parents of the Haflah graduands, as well as their well-wishers, expressed gratitude and admiration for the school’s efforts. They recognized the positive impact the school had on the lives of the students, reflecting a strong sense of community support and satisfaction with the institution’s educational practices.
    Joyous Occasion: The ceremony was described as a joyous occasion, indicating that the atmosphere was lively and celebratory. The duration of the event, which lasted for 5 hours from 11 am to 4 pm, further emphasizes its significance and grandeur.
    Recognition and Awards: The event also featured recognition for exceptional learners who received special prizes and gifts for their outstanding performances, not only in academics but also in moral aspects. This kind of appreciation encourages students to strive for excellence in all areas of their education and character development.
    Staff Appreciation: Alongside the students, the staff members were also acknowledged and appreciated. The recognition of staff efforts is likely to boost morale and foster a sense of belonging among the school’s employees.
    Former Staff Recognition: The event went beyond current staff appreciation and recognized former staff members for their selfless service while working with the school. This gesture demonstrates the school’s appreciation for the long-lasting contributions of its past employees.
    In conclusion, the Haflah ceremony at At-Tanzeel schools was a well-organized and meaningful event. It not only celebrated the students’ achievements in Quranic recitation but also fostered a sense of appreciation and encouragement for both current and former staff members. The positive atmosphere and strong support from parents and well-wishers highlight the school’s commitment to nurturing its students’ holistic growth and fostering a close-knit community.


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